Howdy, y’all!

Grateful doesn’t cover how I feel about working with people I adore and bringing laughter and authenticity to your day.

When I started this practice in 2008 from a spare bedroom in my house, all I wanted was to have a private place to see my clients that allowed them a space to truly decompress for an hour or more. Through the years, the space has changed, but the goal has stayed the same.

Now located in a historic bungalow, the practice still offers superb service and a private space for clients.

This is not a franchise or big corporate entity. I’m a Navy veteran from New Jersey, who has traveled and lived abroad, had too many side gigs to count before side gigs were a thing but all of those nine lives now allow me to work up and down the socioeconomic chain and bring a truly unique business to this beautiful town I’ve called home since 2007.

I bring more than 2000 hours of massage and bodywork training and an additional 20 years combined hands-on experience in bodywork, massage, fitness, yoga and pilates to each appointment. At this point in my career, it sometimes seems as if I have an x-ray vision to the anatomy and structural weak points of my clients. This experience has helped to pinpoint and create a truly customized rehabilitative session.

The majority of my clients have weekly or monthly appointments and on average have been a client for more than eight years. While I have limited availability, I do look forward to meeting new clients and try my best to accommodate requests, but highly recommend booking ahead or scheduling with Lindsay.

Thank you for allowing me to do the work that feeds my soul and my family.

Andrea Kane, Owner


I’m Lindsay…

For as long as I can remember, I have been a bodyworker. As a child I had a special talent, or rather, a bizarre talent for walking on people’s backs. When I became a licensed massage therapist 11 years ago, I was finally able to put that unique childhood hobby to good use! I have extensive training in Tui Na, Table Thai, and acupressure and specialize in deep tissue bodywork and sports massage, but I welcome anyone who is seeking a nurturing and healing experience. At the Bungalow Spa we are committed to your health- whether you live with chronic pain, are recovering from an injury, training for an athletic event or simply feeling worn out, your session will be tailored around your specific needs.

When I’m not walking on backs….. I’m in the kitchen striving to maintain my amateur chef status, walking my many, many dogs or cycling on The Strand.

Looking forward to meeting you!