The Bungalow Spa

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Helping visitors and residents of Coronado since 2008!

Welcome to The Bungalow Spa! Located at 1105 8th St., the studio is an intimate, by-appointment boutique wellness studio located in a historic bungalow at the corner of Orange Ave and 8th St., blocks from the famous Hotel Del Coronado. Since 2008, loyal clients, celebrities, professional athletes and visitors from around the world discover and return to The Bungalow for professional and superb services.

Our bodywork sessions are offered with oil, cream as well as CBD oils and ointments. The CBD products are non-psychoactive (no THC) and many clients have given positive results and feedback in their pain relief.

The specialities are deep tissue massage and 1:1 pilates and functional fitness. Not accepting new (first-time) wax or facial clients at this time. Services are by appointment only; no walk-in appointments.

We do not have a receptionist, so to schedule an appointment, use the convenient and easy online scheduler.

PLEASE NOTE: The practitioners are usually booked in advance. Clients who are more than 10 minutes late without a courtesy call, will be charged the full rate of their missed session plus a 5% processing fee.

Pilates; massage

NOTE: If you have never been waxed or sugared, choose only ONE body part for your first session. The first time can be pretty intense. After the first time, you're golden! 


More men are making personal grooming a priority and The Bungalow Spa is the perfect place for men to feel comfortable as they receive what is often an uncomfortable service.

Having had a steady male clientele since opening in 2008, Andrea understands how important it is for a man to look his best and feel confident. Whether you are smooth or hairy, want a quick fix-me-up after Hell Week, on your return from deployment, for your lover or for yourself, she will assist you in looking your best so you can be at your best! Feel free to email or text with any questions and/or to schedule your session.

Sugar, strip and hard wax are used for manscaping grooming services. Shaving is not an available service.


Back/Shoulders: $55

Chest (pecs): $45 

Full torso (pecs/stomach): $85 (only an option for men who have done this before)

Stomach: $45

Butt cheeks/crack: $60

Male Brazilian: $70 (full pubic area, shaft, sack and crack)

Sack: $50

Half legs (knee to ankle), $65

Full legs (ankles to groin), $125

Half arm, $50

Full arm, $75+

Eyebrows: $25

Back of neck: $20

Face: $40

Nose, $15

+ rates vary based on the amount of hair