The Bungalow Spa

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Welcome to The Bungalow Spa!  Located at 1105 8th St., the studio is an intimate, by-appointment boutique wellness spa located in a historic bungalow at the corner of Orange Ave and 8th St., blocks from the famous Hotel Del Coronado. Since 2008, loyal clients, celebrities, professional athletes and visitors from around the world discover and return to The Bungalow for professional and superb services. 

The specialities are deep tissue massage, Brazilian waxing for men and women and  1:1 pilates for rehabilitation and strengthening. We offer:  Pilatesmassagefacialswaxing and sugaring. All services are by appointment. 

We do not have a receptionist, so to schedule an appointment, it's highly recommended you use the convenient and easy online scheduler or call 619.522.0026. Leave a voicemail if no one answers; calls are returned between clients.

PLEASE NOTE: The practitioners are usually booked in advance. Clients who are more than 10 minutes late without a courtesy call, will be charged the full rate of their missed session plus a 5% processing fee.

Lindsay, massage therapist  

Lindsay, massage therapist


In 2007, I attended Lifestream Massage school in the Napa Valley and thus began my love affair with the astonishing world of massage therapy. Although originally from the beautifully lush and wonderfully weird city of Portland, I have lived in San Diego nearly 5 years and have become addicted to the never-ending sunshine and 70 degree weather.

My bodywork emphasizes the modalities of deep tissue, acupressure, sports massage and table Thai to restore optimum function and movement throughout the body. These techniques are particularity beneficial for the athlete on the account of their ability to improve flexibility, restore joint mobility, lower recovery time and decrease potential injuries. I also enjoy prenatal massage,reflexology, frozen yogurt and Doris Day movies. I strive to create a nurturing environment where my guests have a renewing experience that leaves them feeling cared about and ready to take on the world!

I also have a passion working with clients to find holistic ways of chronic pain management. I have experience working with TMJ disorder, thoracic outlet syndrome, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, sciatica and chronic headaches. I find that massage is such a significant and powerful tool in combating the emotional and physical strain that pain creates and I love being a part of the healing process.