The Bungalow Spa

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Welcome to The Bungalow Spa!  Located at 1105 8th St., the studio is an intimate, by-appointment boutique wellness spa located in a historic bungalow at the corner of Orange Ave and 8th St., blocks from the famous Hotel Del Coronado. Since 2008, loyal clients, celebrities, professional athletes and visitors from around the world discover and return to The Bungalow for professional and superb services. 

The specialities are deep tissue massage, Brazilian waxing for men and women and  1:1 pilates for rehabilitation and strengthening. We offer:  Pilatesmassagefacialswaxing and sugaring. All services are by appointment. 

We do not have a receptionist, so to schedule an appointment, it's highly recommended you use the convenient and easy online scheduler or call 619.522.0026. Leave a voicemail if no one answers; calls are returned between clients.

PLEASE NOTE: The practitioners are usually booked in advance. Clients who are more than 10 minutes late without a courtesy call, will be charged the full rate of their missed session plus a 5% processing fee.

If you thought that hair removal couldn't be fun, then you haven't been in Andrea's treatment room! While the actual act of hairs being pulled from the follicle isn't exactly a giggle-fest, there is more laughter than screams to be heard during a session at The Bungalow. Most of the pain comes from being uncomfortable and Andrea has a unique talent for making you feel right at home... without your pants on.

Andrea uses sugar, a fast-setting Brazilian chocolate hard wax and soft, "strip" wax. She waxes from head to toe and if you don't see a body part listed, just ask when you schedule your appointment.


Ingrown Hair Treatments: 

Have ingrown hair issues? Choose between two add-on services specifically designed to rid you of those unsightly bumps!

Spot Treatment, $10 includes tweezing hairs from bumps and application of a liquid ingrown treatment

Full treatment, $40 includes tweezing out hairs from the bumps, steam, high frequency (kills bacteria), zinc and sulfur mask and liquid ingrown treatment application


Bikini, $30 The classic bikini removes hair from just outside the panty line. If you'd like more hair removed, without doing a full Brazilian, choose the Extended Bikini.

Bikini/Crack, $40 Removal of hair just outside the panty line and from "behind," (the butt crack.)



Extended Bikini, $50 The Extended Bikini comes in closer inside the panty line and lower at the top of the panty line. Also removes hair from "behind" (the butt crack.) Does not remove hair from the labia, or lips.





Brazilian, $60  The Brazilian wax is the most popular wax service and can be performed with sugar, hard wax or a combination of both. The above styles are all options of hair removal for a Brazilian. Included in the service is removal of hair from "behind," or the butt crack. 

Return Clients (pay cash) $50 No first-time clients. Current clients only returning within 4 weeks of last appointment


 * $15 additional fee to remove hair from the tummy trail or inner thigh. $20 for both tummy trail and inner thigh.

* Any trimming requested is $15

Underarm, $20

Half leg, $50

Half leg (sugar) $80

Full leg, $70+ wax (price varies according to amount of hair) 

Full leg, $105+ sugaring

Half arm, $35

Full arm, $50

Lip, $12

Chin, $12

Eyebrow, $25 (sugaring not available)

Full Face (no brows), $40

Full face with brows, $60