The Bungalow specializes in therapeutic massage. In terms of style, this is a firm, medium-deep pressure session that helps to temporarily relieve pain and reduce muscle tightness and stiffness.  Sometimes this is a full-body session, or sometimes it's a very specialized targeted session. Each session depends on you.  There is no extra fee for pressure: we specialize and excel in deep tissue and sports massage, as well as relaxation.


What to expect from your massage & massage practitioner:

Lindsay has more than 10 years of experience and offers clients the range of massage from deep tissue to relaxation, as well as our hot stone and signature treatment massages. Clients can expect a relaxing environment, undressed to your comfort level and enjoy your session on a heated table with clean cotton sheets.

Bungalow Spa owner Andrea has more than 28 years experience. Her expertise is a blend of modalities customized to each client, leaning toward a firm sports and deep tissue work, combined with myofascial, neuromuscular and Asian bodywork techniques. Please be aware of the rate difference when scheduling. Andrea has a set rate for her services; no tipping or gratuity needed.

Budget Friendly Option

30 Minute, $50

Aching back? Tired legs and feet. Choose this efficient budget-friendly session which focuses on releasing tight muscles, wherever they may be.  Can be a quick full-body session, as well.


Customized Massage

Everyday Cash Special: 60 minutes for $80

60 minutes: $90 / $100 (Andrea)

60 minutes, Military Discount (for active duty and spouse ONLY): $80

75 minutes: $115 / $125(Andrea)

90 minutes: $135  / $150(Andrea)

120 minutes (DEEP TISSUE /SPORTS ONLY): $185 / $200 (Andrea)


Specialty Bodywork & Massage


Yogassage: Thai Yoga Blend Massage,

60 min., $90 / $100 ; 90 min., $135 / $150

^ not our practitioner, but a great demo of what to expect)

A Yogassage session is just what the body needs! Yogassage is a method of bodywork that incorporates yoga positions and shiatsu and deep tissue techniques.

You lay on our thickly padded, wide massage table, either clothed (comfortable cotton pants and tee) or unclothed (covered with sheet), while the therapist uses her hands, feet, knees, elbows, fingers, thumbs, and forearms to massage your body. This is a very active and deep pressure session. The therapist does this through a series of long strokes, compression, pulling, kneading and squeezing of the client.  


Pre Natal Massage, 60 min.: $90; 75 min.: $105; Military PreNatal, 60 minute: $85

Pre-natal sessions are offered for mothers who are 12 weeks pregnant and beyond. Provided by Lindsay.


Hot Rock Aromatic Massage, 60min.: $90; 75 min.: $110; 90 min.: $130

Full body hot rocks melt away stress and tense, tight muscles. Provided by Lindsay.


Signature Aromatic Massage, 90 min.: $150

This therapeutic/deep-tissue massage is infused with an aromatic blend of essential oils. Includes hot rocks on the back, foot scrub and scalp and facial massage. Complete mind and body escape! Provided by Lindsay.